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AQHA Best Remuda: 2013

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AQHA Best Remuda: 2013

Prestigious recognition for our outstanding ranch remuda for registered American Quarter Horses

Matador Ranch Best Remuda

About the award: Since 1992, AQHA has recognized ranches that breed, raise and use the quality horses that were and are integral to the American Quarter Horse breed by giving out the AQHA Best Remuda Award. A remuda is the group of horses from which cowboys choose from for their day’s work.

We produce many of the horses used by its employees, and markets others in select forums. Our horse-breeding focus is to produce quality horses with outstanding cow ability and that are able to traverse the rugged terrain of the ranch safely. Providing quality horses for our cowboys to safely conduct business is a major goal for the remuda and in 2013 we were honored to receive Best Remuda from the American Quarter Horse Association and AQHA Corporate Partner, Zoetis.