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Quality Hereford with industry-leading Angus genetics

Environmental Stewardship Award

Recognized by industry peers for a commitment to conservational practices

Matador Ranch was recognized as a 2011 regional Environmental Stewardship Award Program (ESAP) winner during the 2011 Cattle Industry Summer Conference in Kissimmee, Florida. This award validates the ranch’s commitment to improving the quality of our natural resources and the decisions that consider the longterm impacts that those practices will have the animals, land, and resources.

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Matador Ranch has been known for its quality Hereford cattle for many years. Since the mid-1980s we have expanded our vision to incorporate the best Angus genetics we can find. Our cattle compromise of Angus and Angus/Hereford crossbreed sired by Angus and Ultrablack® Bulls.

Livestock Contacts
Scott Collier

(806) 786-1982

Tim Washington

(806) 402-0639

Our breed rotation has produced females that reproduce efficiently, and that have range ability for our terrain here in the Caprock region of Texas. These cows are moderate-framed and produce calves that are sought after by feeders. Our calves have earned a reputation for being efficient in the feed yard and produce a quality beef product at finish. We currently run 1200 cows and retain yearlings 60 days after weaning. All of our cattle share these characteristics:

  • Certified all-natural
  • No added hormones
  • No antibiotics
  • No feed additives


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